Verification Process

The phones may be ringing off the hook and computers buzzing with potential customers, but that may not translate to paid accounts. Verification can be a messy process, determining the eligibility and intention of a potential customer. While many online inquiries may translate into business transactions, others exhibit serious issues or no interest at all. Got Leads 365 cuts through the mess and extracts that red meat that makes your business successful.

We have got you covered with a 3 minute buffer

Unlike most other verification services, Got Leads 365 provides you with a Three Minute Buffer after transfer. This protects your interests, as it's always possible, even with the best verification possible, that a lead will unexpectedly fail. While you will receive only the highest quality leads, a Three Minute Buffer period provides protection against those rare instances.

Leads Can Be Misleading

Business runs on great leads. Word of mouth, expert advertising and user-friendly websites make finding leads easier, but qualified leads can be a different issue altogether. Got Leads 365 operates as your essential filter. Leads are tested and verified for potency, eligibility and actual level of interest, disseminating unqualified or less interested potential leads from the robust market of clients.

Only after a rigorous elimination process, are solid leads transferred to your business where you provide top quality service. That service is greatly improved with a bonus of resources and time provided by the elimination of less qualified or disinterested leads. The savvy business owner realizes that only qualified leads will actually become paying customers.

Businesses That Benefit Through Verification

Any business that uses an online service or process to generate verified, quality leads in order to conduct business and grow the company can benefit from Got Leads 365 and the rigorous verification process. Whether your business is in Home Security, Student Debt, Mortgage Refinance or Debt Settlement, specific verification of the potential client can be instrumental to providing great service and making a profit.

Profits are lost every day by businesses who allow hundreds, even thousands of wasted paid hours and precious resources chasing unqualified leads. Important details can be lost in online queries, while some may just be passing the time. Discriminating between actual potential clients and generated leads can be the difference between success and failure, especially for a small business. For this reason, businesses who run a tight budget and keep a careful eye on the market benefit the most by using Got Leads 365 and the Three Minute Buffer verification process.

Generating leads is the life-blood of many businesses. Quality, qualified leads that generate sales, renew contracts and result in the business acquiring new clients are the bread and butter of a successful company. Got Leads 365 is uniquely qualified to help in the process, eliminating unnecessary waste and helping you to provide the best, most efficient service possible. Business is tough enough without wasting time following unqualified or disinterested leads. Got Leads 365 assures that you are following a more qualified lead pool.