Got Leads 365 llc is a Southern California-based, Live Lead Transfer Company. Our primary purpose here at GotLeads365llc is two-fold: to serve you, the Client, with your specific lead generation needs and do so with an efficiency and integrity to yield the most profit for your Agents and your business. Our Team from the office all live locally, so there are no miscommunication issues with a foreign accent, on the phone. Thus providing a quick and efficient lead call for you, when accepting the live lead transfers. Additionally, we offer you live transfers that have been per-qualified and double verified for you! When a lead is accepted into our Company, the lead is per-screened by our Agents, to sift through the leads that are valid and discard those who are not. Furthermore, our agents then confirm the information/interest with the lead, prior to a live lead transfer to you. This ensures you have a more viable lead for your business, equating to higher income generation!


Let us help you optimize your sales performance. All of our campaigns are built to suit our clients, thus giving you the benefit of reaching your target audience. When it comes to Live Lead Transfers, we have got you covered with a 3 minute buffer.


Our call center is in Southern California and we offer double verified, complaint, live call transfers with a 3-minute safeguard timer where you can speak to the new client for free, our closing ratios are some of the best in the field and we can produce large volume that you can refer to others on your platform and make significant profits, exclusive and full margins can be achieved, Looking forward to explaining our system and increasing your ROI.

Got Leads 365 and its compliance attorneys are constantly reviewing he myriad of state and federal statutes that impact Advertising both online and in telemarketing to ensure compliance. Got Leads 365 has never received a single complaint with any business reporting agency or Regulator since inception. Whether it’s DNC, TCPA, MAP, the alphabet soup coming from the FTC or other regulators, you can rest assured that your specific campaign will be compliant with Got Leads 365!

We've got you covered with a 3 minute buffer. Paramount to your satisfaction that we provided a quality lead for you, we include a 3-minute buffer with every transfer. What this means is that you are not charged for any lead calls that do not fall within that time parameter!

Our customers can access data during the live transfer because we avail them with the system where they can log in and obtain any data they want about the consumer on the other end. Clients can access the data through our website so that they can be well informed about the consumer's interest in their products thanks to our API feature. Additionally, we also record calls and avail them to clients to listen in case you called them when they were away.

A quality lead way beyond gaining consumer interest; it's about changing an interest into genuine intent and conveying. Got leads 365 has a live lead transfer approach designed to deliver top quality leads and sales at consistently high volumes.

If you want to increase your volume of calls, enjoy the 3 minutes buffer, double qualify, on an opt-in data, access all the data about your client and record your calls, Got Leads 365 is your best option. Allow us to help you with your marketing needs and we will enable your business to acquire more clients and become successful.