Live Lead Transfers

In this age of information, businesses rely on making constant and efficient communication to clients survive in the market. Got Leads 365 is a company that is dedicated to providing you with lead generation strategies that help your business grow. Our company has been generating numerous calls in a day in many dials on opt-in data and verticals for its clients to enhance DNC compliance. We offer double verified live lead transfers with a five minutes qualifier. That means if the live transfer does not last for five minutes, you will not be charged anything. Hence, your sales and marketing expenses will reduce significantly. Another advantage is that you will also record an increase in sales volumes as we will connect you to customers who have shown interest in your products. Our high verification process and our highly skilled verification agents enable us to connect you with potential buyers since they understand your services and products. These are the specific transfer services we offer;

Exclusive Transfers: We offer high-quality LIVE transfers services to our clients, and we have high integrity and professionalism in our work. Therefore, you can be sure that we will not connect a respective consumer to more than one company because we strictly adhere to our DNC policy.

Verified Transfer: We use the strong verification process as a benchmark to ensure that every customer we direct to you has a keen interest in your merchandise or services.

Volume: Our clients can get as many calls as they want in a day depending on what they can handle.

Data Access: our customers can access data during the live transfer because we avail them with the system where they can log in and obtain any data they want about the consumer on the other end. Clients can access the data through our website so that they can be well informed about the consumer's interest in their products thanks to our API feature. Additionally, we also record calls and avail them to clients to listen in case you called them when they were away.

Guaranteed transfers: we give our clients live transfers that have qualified and meet their set standards. If they fall short of the standards, a client can always log in to our website and assess their lead.

A quality lead way beyond gaining consumer interest; it's about changing an interest into genuine intent and conveying. Got leads 365 has a live lead transfer approach designed to deliver top quality leads and sales at consistently high volumes.

If you want to increase your volume of calls, enjoy the 5 minutes buffer, double qualify, on an opt-in data, access all the data about your client and record your calls, Got Leads 365 is your best option. Allow us to help you with your marketing needs and we will enable your business to acquire more clients and become successful.