Email Marketing

Here at Got Leads 365 we have a professional team of technology experts, marketers, analysts, and account managers that are eager to help you make your email marketing campaign a success.

Email marketing is a vital part of any business. It can easily be compared to a first date i.e. your prospective customer gets to know a little about you, who you are & what you do all through the simple email you have created in your campaign. Here at Got Leads 365 our experts dedicate their lives to making sure businesses such as yours build good impressions in their marketing campaigns converting the maximum number of your email subscribers into buyers.

Got Leads 365 puts all the email marketing resources at your fingertips allowing you to reach and connect with your customers of all age demographics efficiently. Whether you are a huge corporation or a small business just getting its first customers, our tools are sure to make your email marketing appropriate to maintain a healthy relationship between you and your customers.

Got Leads 365 immediately gives you access to the following services:

· Professionally designed email templates: Our design experts consistently create and add new templates to our email layout gallery. Whatever your business type be it a local butchery or nationwide chain store we have the perfect model for you

· List management tools: Our list segmentation tools split up your list to enhance the process of targeting customers. You can also quickly add new addresses to your list and use sign up boxes for gathering new subscribers for your mailing list.

· Real-time email campaign reports: You see the mailing progress to be sure your email marketing is working. Stuff like if your emails are forwarded, who forwarded them, which emails bounced and even if the emails reached their target with our real-time reports.

· Using enhanced customer tracking tools such as the Google Analytics: you can link your personal Google Analytics account with our email marketing service, and obtain crucial information about the market. These include things like what customers do after visiting your site. You can then see which particular pages in your website did customers visit, site navigation and their conversion rates in your site. The information will be sent to you through the mail.

· 24-hour customer care: Once were enrolled to help with your campaign were fully available to assist you whenever you need us. We know that email marketing can be intimidating that's why we're ready to give you unlimited tech support when you need it.

At Got Leads 365 we believe in the value for money hence we have the some of the most affordable prices in the marketing industry. We at Got Leads 365 guarantee you a successful email marketing campaign that is sure to achieve your marketing goals as evidenced by the thousands of happy customers that we have served over the years.