Are you growing weary of paying exorbitant fees with per-call, forced transfer calls? Taking lead generation calls from Agents with foreign accents that are difficult to understand on the phone, as your lead is waiting on hold? Then Got Leads 365 llc is the Company perfectly suited to meet your needs!

Got Leads 365 llc is a Southern California-based, Live Lead Transfer Company. Our primary purpose here at GotLeads365llc is two-fold: to serve you, the Client, with your specific lead generation needs and do so with an efficiency and integrity to yield the most profit for your Agents and your business. Our Team from the office all live locally, so there are no miscommunication issues with a foreign accent, on the phone. Thus providing a quick and efficient lead call for you, when accepting the live lead transfers.

Additionally, we offer you live transfers that have been per-qualified and double verified for you! When a lead is accepted into our Company, the lead is per-screened by our Agents, to sift through the leads that are valid and discard those who are not. Furthermore, our Verifiers then confirm the information/interest with the lead, prior to a live lead transfer to you. This ensures you have a more viable lead for your business, equating to higher income generation!

Paramount to your satisfaction that we provided a quality lead for you, we include a 3-minute buffer with every transfer. What this means is that you are not charged for any lead calls that do not fall within that time parameter!

A final benefit of our live lead transfer is that we provide you live calls with a leads’ data push directly to your CRM. This allows you/your Agents to receive an online data sheet for visual reference while speaking to your live lead, as well as future storage of lead information for you!

At Got Leads 365 llc, our Company will not give you any forced transfer calls; you will not endure a difficult foreign accent on the phone nor bogus leads. We generate live transfers with opt in data…

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Merchant Cash Advance (MCA)

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