Nick Stobie has been working with computer’s most of his life.  He started building websites as a teenager which has parlayed into a career in marketing and technology.  Beginning in the Real Estate field he has worked with multiple Real Estate Brokers heading their marketing campaigns, creating their websites and constantly looking for new ways to generate leads.  After obtaining his Real Estate license he realized his passion was centered in the computers and technology.  So he decided to create and Application called “Pick A Pro”.  After attending Hack Reactor in San Francisco he has decided to join his mother Gail Stobie, VP of Got Leads 365, in the sole business of lead generation on a much larger scale. With expertise in web production combined with his education in coding and everything technical, Nick is able to combine his knowledge into an exceptional resource capable of architecting, engineering and implementing simple and complex solutions. Additionally, he has exceptional organizational leadership skills in developing processes, operating support structures, documentation, training, project management and team motivation.