Merchant Cash Advance

Got Leads 365 is proud to inform that Merchant Cash Advance is one of our major verticals, and with them, we are able to generate over three hundred calls a day and have ability to add more. Most of the any other live transfer companies elect to generate calls through the "Press 1" route to their clients and customers. As a result of this route, a client may only receive a terrible, garbage deal and may find themselves struggling with unfortunate and overwhelming legal issues. At Got Leads 365, however, all of our client and customer calls are logged and recorded for review. Once properly logged, managers get a dashboard to log in review their daily transfers. At Got Leads 365, we choose to go predictive which results in generating real calls. This will not only fit into your program, but also increase your ROI. At Got Leads, we offer double verified Merchant Cash Advance live lead transfers with a five-minute buffer. Our agents are highly trained about the Merchant Cash Advance services and are happy to answer any questions that the customer would like to know. Some examples include how long they are in business, their monthly sales, how quick or fast they need the capital to invest into their business, how’s their personal and business credit, have they had Bankruptcy, etc. We understand your needs at Got Leads 365 and that's why we offer the best Merchant Cash Advance live lead transfers in the industry. Remember, we've got you covered with a 3 minutes buffer or a qualifier.

The most difficult part in gaining new clients, providing good service and making a profit is always associated with lead generation. Got Leads 365 eliminates most of the waste and confusion in this process, providing the highest quality, double-verified live lead transfers. These are even backed by a one-of-a-kind Three Minute Buffer, allowing you to make your own decision as to the quality of any lead. That kind of service can help launch a business to the top.

Experience our commitment to exceptional Merchant Cash Advance live lead transfer services.

  • Screened customers to ensure eligibility
  • Eager customers who are ready to take action as soon as possible
  • Full API accompanied by audio
  • Verified customer information – eliminate liability
  • 3 minute qualifier - 3 minutes to qualify the lead before you get billed for the call