Health Insurance

Got Leads 365 offers high-quality, high-converting health insurance live leads with many different filtering options. We know agents care about results, so it's important that we continuously earn their business with a quality product. We generate live leads from interested prospects using proven techniques from highly experienced web marketers. Then, we test those techniques over and over again to increase closing rates. This scientific approach to lead generation ensures that your leads have the highest chance of turning into new customers.

When it comes to Live Lead Transfers, we’ve got you covered with a 3 minute buffer. Live Transfer leads are leads that are live on the phone and ready to speak to a health insurance agent. All of our Live Transfer leads are vetted for intent to buy, are not eligible for Medicaid, and have expressed that they wish to speak to a licensed health insurance agent. Live Transfers are the highest converting type of health insurance leads.

Paramount to your satisfaction that we provided a quality lead for you, we include a 3-minute buffer with every transfer. What this means is that you are not charged for any lead calls that do not fall within that time parameter!

A final benefit of our live lead transfer is that we provide you live calls with a leads’ data push directly to your CRM. This allows you/your Agents to receive an online data sheet for visual reference while speaking to your live lead, as well as future storage of lead information for you!

Buying leads doesn’t have to be a hassle. We’ve eliminated all the frustrations that other lead vendors put you through.

  • No forced transfers
  • No foreign accent
  • No pay per call
  • No bogus leads

We know that lead quality is by far the most important consideration when choosing a lead provider, which is why we are fanatical about it. All of our leads are generated internally by our seasoned team of lead generation experts.

Health insurance lead filters include:-

  • State / zip code
  • Time of day
  • Age
  • Medical conditions
  • Tobacco use
  • Pregnancy
  • Household size
  • Income
  • Qualifying Life Events (Special Enrolment)

Contact us here at Got Leads 365 llc for further information on how we will help you generate profits for your business as soon as possible!