FHA Loan

There are several types of leads transfer providers a mortgage broker or a loan officer can take advantage of, which enables them to have business come to them. The difference between live transfer leads and traditional ways of obtaining leads is that it allows the broker to maximize his time in obtaining clients, thus increasing his efficiency in acquiring new accounts.

Some FHA lenders are still relying on paper leads because they are not comfortable or are inexperienced when dealing with live transfer lead mortgages companies. Onе of thе reasons why some individuals or companies аre hesitant is beсausе оf the fact thаt sоmе live leads transfer providers deliver sub-par leads thаt do not convert into customers. We offer double verified FHA loan live lead transfers with a 3 minutes qualifier. Most of the other lead generation providers are hard pressed to provide quality leads for a FHA loan - but we at Got Leads 365 choose a different strategy to connect you with your target market:

  • Screened customers to ensure eligibility
  • Eager customers who are ready to take action as soon as possible
  • Full API accompanied by audio
  • Verified customer information – eliminate liability
  • 3 minute qualifier - 3 minutes to qualify the lead before you get billed for the call

We have been generating FHA live lead transfers for almost a decade and our buyers, which include FHA lenders and other mortgage agencies, have had great experience with our FHA live lead transfer. Jump-start your business with Got Leads 365.